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American Advisors Group


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The CFPB fined American Advisors Group, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, and Aegean Financial nearly $800,000 for “using deceptive advertisements to sell reverse mortgages” by “promot[ing] the loans as essentially risk-free.” The CFPB fined American Advisors Group $400,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions $325,000 and Aegean Financial $65,000.

  • “The largest penalty, $400,000, went to American Advisors Group, the largest reverse-mortgage lender in the United States. A second company, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, agreed to pay a $325,000 penalty. A third company, Aegean Financial, will pay a penalty of $65,000.” [Ann Carrns, “Reverse Mortgage Lenders Fined for Ads That ‘Tricked’ Older Borrowers”, New York Times, 12/09/16]


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2016-CFPB-0026 12/7/2016 12/7/2016

CFPB Takes Action Against Reverse Mortgage Companies for Deceptive Advertising

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