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In September 2016, the CFPB fined Bridgepoint Education Inc. $13 million for “misleading students about the real cost” of their student loans, and ordered the Bridgepoint to forgive the debt for “more than 1,200 for-profit college students.” The CFPB was not the first government actor to fine Bridgepoint for their behavior, as Bridgepoint had to pay $7.25 million in 2014, after the Iowa Attorney General’s office alleged they had “misled students to get them to enroll in their classes.”

  • “More than 1,200 for-profit college students will be getting a refund for their private student loan payments, and their remaining debts will be canceled. Bridgepoint Education, which operates Ashford University and University of the Rockies, is in trouble for allegedly misleading students about the real cost of the loans.” [CNN Wire, “For-profit college ordered to refund student loans”, Fox 43, 09/12/16]


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2016-CFPB-0016 9/12/2016 9/12/2016

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Takes Action Against Bridgepoint Education, Inc. for Illegal Student Lending Practices

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