Ads Featuring Parody LinkedIn Profile Eviscerate Trump’s Pick for Deputy Commerce Secretary

Paperwork Issues Are Tip of the Iceberg for Todd Ricketts as Withdrawal Rumors Swirl

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Reports of “trouble brewing” for Trump Deputy Commerce Secretary nominee Todd Ricketts began swirling this week as news leaked out from multiple sources that he “has run into significant difficulties separating himself from financial ties,” as required by the Office of Government Ethics.

In response, Allied Progress today began running digital ads paired with a full-page newspaper ad in a major Beltway publication, drawing attention to the fact that much of Ricketts’ career–from business to politics–can be tied directly to the success of his billionaire father and not his own merits. The ads parody what Ricketts’ LinkedIn profile might look like, lampooning the nominee with the claim, “all Todd’s done is play with his daddy’s money,” and noting that “almost anyone would be better qualified” for the job.

The ads go on to encourage readers to contact their senators through or by phone.

Paperwork issues are just the tip of the iceberg for Todd Ricketts in what is being generously described as his ‘troubled’ bid to become Deputy Commerce Secretary,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.

He continued, “While it has been reported that Todd is having difficulty untangling himself from his billionaire father’s Wall Street fortune, the even bigger issue at play is one of qualifications. Other than being from a wealthy, well-connected family of GOP mega-donors who helped bankroll Trump’s political aspirations, it’s tough to see how Todd–who was fired on a reality television show for incompetence, co-owns a pizzeria and a bike shop in suburban Chicago, and sits on various family boards–is capable of performing in a senior administration position overseeing job creation, economic growth, and sustainable development of the American market.”

“However, this is hardly surprising from President Trump, who has placed personal loyalty and personal wealth over tangible qualifications while filling out a cabinet that’s made up of more than its share of billionaires with questionable experience and deep conflicts of interest,” he concluded.

Allied Progress launched Trump Transparency Project (TTP) to hold the Trump administration accountable for its economic appointments and policies that betray hard-working Americans. TTP has released volumes of research on cabinet nominees and played a leading role in opposing the confirmations of high profile Trump selections, including Andy Puzder who recently withdrew his name from consideration for Labor Secretary. You can view TTP’s profile of Todd Ricketts here.

To speak with Karl Frisch about the Ricketts nomination, please contact Jon Reinish at 202-999-0461 or

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