Allied Progress statement on the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges in New York

Washington D.C. (July 6th, 2019) — In response to reports that Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested on sex trafficking charges in New York, Allied Progress director Derek Martin issued the following statement:

“Jeffrey Epstein’s victims are finally getting their day in court ten years after watching their horror stories swept under the rug to protect the rich and well-connected. This is a welcome step towards justice that should have been taken a decade sooner had only Secretary Acosta done his job as prosecutor. Secretary Acosta didn’t just neglect his responsibility to fight for maximum jail time for an alleged serial child sex abuser, he chose to break the law by keeping the victims in the dark about his wrist-slap plea deal for this monster. All those who suffered abuse under Epstein deserve a full investigation into how this case was mishandled by Acosta and his office from day one. An alleged child predator has been on the streets for the last ten years, and the American people deserve to know why.”

Allied Progress ran ads earlier this year urging Senators to give the DOJ Inspector General the authority he asked for to conduct a serious investigation into Acosta’s prosecutorial misconduct in the Epstein case.



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