Bipartisan Consensus: Acosta Failed To Put Epstein Issue To Rest; He Needs To Go

Washington D.C. (July 11, 2019) — Pressure continues to mount for Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to step aside, and it’s clear his disastrous news conference did little to clear the air surrounding his involvement in the Epstein plea deal. As Allied Progress begins its week-long ad campaign calling for Acosta’s resignation, critics across the spectrum agree: Acosta has not provided a good answer for his inaction on Epstein twelve years ago.

Former Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer: Acosta’s Claims Were “‘Completely Wrong.’”

Former Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer “Blasted” Alex Acosta’s Claims As “‘Completely Wrong,’” Arguing That “‘Federal Prosecutors Do Not Take A Back Seat To State Prosecutors.’” “Former Florida state attorney Barry Krischer, however, blasted Acosta in a statement on Wednesday following the secretary’s press conference, calling Acosta’s recollection ‘completely wrong.’ ‘Federal prosecutors do not take a back seat to state prosecutors. That’s not how the system works in the real world,’ Krischer said.” [Dartunorro Clark and Peter Alexander, “Labor Secretary Acosta defends Epstein plea deal: ‘Facts are being overlooked’,” NBC News, 07/10/19]

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade: Acosta’s Statement Was “‘Woefully Inadequate.’”

Former U. S. Attorney Barbara McQuade Found Acosta’s Statement “Woefully Inadequate.” “Barbara McQuade, a former US attorney from Michigan, told MSNBC: ‘I am normally very reluctant to second guess any prosecutor who had to deal with complicated facts … but I found several areas of [Acosta’s] statement today to be woefully inadequate, including this one where he portrays himself as the hero of the story.’” [Tom McCarthy, “Labor secretary Acosta defends Epstein plea deal amid calls for resignation,” The Guardian, 07/10/19]

Conservative Commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas: Alex Acosta Should Be Fired Because “Victims Deserve Some Justice.” 

Following His Press Conference, Conservative Commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas Said Alex Acosta Should Be Fired Because “Victims Deserve Some Justice.” Conservative Commentator Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, tweeted, after the press conference, “Part of me wants Trump to keep Acosta, so thru coverage of Epstein’s pre-trial motions, trial and oh, what’s sure to be a riveting TV miniseries, we’re reminded, it all leads back to Trump & his Labor Sec. But other part of me wants #FireAcosta b/c victims deserve some justice” in response to an article about Acosta’s press conference. [Ana Navarro-Cárdenas Tweet, Twitter, 07/10/19]

The New York Times: Acosta’s Press Conference “Did Little To Quell The Furor” Over Epstein’s Plea Deal.

Acosta’s Press Conference Defending His Handling Of Epstein’s Plea Deal “Did Little To Quell The Furor Over The Deal.” “His comments did little to quell the furor over the deal, which has come under renewed scrutiny since Mr. Epstein was charged on Monday in New York with running a sex-trafficking operation that lured dozens of girls, some as young as 14, to his Upper East Side home and to a mansion in Palm Beach, Fla. Lawyers for some of the victims and the former Palm Beach prosecutor accused Mr. Acosta of rewriting history.” [Katie Rogers, Maggie Haberman, and Peter Baker, “Acosta Defends His Role in Brokering Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal,” The New York Times, 07/10/19]

Vox: Acosta’s Press Conference “Left Many Questions Unanswered.”

“All told, Acosta’s appearance on Wednesday left many questions unanswered, including the biggest one: why someone who let Epstein get away with a light sentence should remain in charge of an office that deals with human trafficking cases.” [Anna North, “Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has no good answer for cushy Jeffrey Epstein plea deal,” Vox, 07/10/19]




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