California Consumers Could Lose Millions as Trump Appointee Jeopardizes Consumer Bureau Actions

Uncertainty Over 38 “Open” or “Active” Enforcement Actions Including 6 Cases on Behalf of California Consumers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – While courts consider the fate of Mick Mulvaney’s attempted “illegal,” “lawless” “coup” at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), his directive that important work be frozen could have a disastrous impact on consumers awaiting relief after being screwed over by big banks, credit card companies, debt collections, payday lenders, and other financial predators. In California, the bureau has 6 “open” or “active” cases against predatory payday lenders, mortgage loan scammers, student loan scams, and other financial predators.

According to an Allied Progress analysis, there are currently 38 “open” or “active” CFPB enforcement actions nationally covering a broad range of consumer issues from illegal foreclosures and debt collection practices to deceiving payday loan borrowers about the cost of loans and charging students for financial aid that was never delivered. In one case, the CFPB has sued a company for scamming 9/11 first responders out of court awarded settlements.

“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has returned millions to consumers who have been taken advantage of by big banks and predatory financial institutions. But now that Trump appointee Mick Mulvaney has taken over, these bad actors may get a pass and California consumers could be denied the settlements they are owed. Thanks to Mulvaney, the fate of Californians wronged by scammers, payday lenders, and other financial bad actors is now in limbo,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of the consumer watchdog organization Allied Progress.

He continued, “Breaking every promise Trump made to voters, his administration has wasted no time going to bat for big banks, debt collectors, payday lenders, and other financial predators. Putting a ‘freeze’ on the important work of the CFPB may be popular with Wall Street, but it is consumers that have been put on ice. They are the ones who will pay the price for his callous abdication of responsibility.”

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The below represent “open” or “active” CFPB enforcement actions in California. They are sorted by date with those started most recently appearing first. The designations come from the CFPB’s enforcement actions website. Each action is also tracked on Allied Progress’ CFPB Action Tracker:

  • CALIFORNIA: The CFPB has sued Global Financial Support, Inc., a company that helped students find and obtain financial aid, for tricking “thousands of students and their families” into paying for financial aid research that they never delivered. [“CFPB v. Global Financial Support, Inc.,” CFPB Action Tracker, accessed 11/28/17]

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