Copy & Paste Kraninger: CFPB Nominee Gives Identical Non-Answers to 1/3 of Written Questions from Senate Dems

Senate Banking Committee Should Do More Than Simply Delay the Vote, It Should Ctrl+Alt+Del Kraninger’s Nomination Until She Comes Clean

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The answers (or lack thereof) are in and Trump Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) nominee Kathy Kraninger has once again refused to answer simple questions from Senators about her record – this time as part of the Senate’s standard questions for the record (QFR) process for presidential nominees. Kraninger gave wholly or partially identical answers to more than one-third of the questions from Senate Democrats – refusing to answer and/or get specific in her responses.

Kathy Kraninger proved during her appearance before the Senate Banking Committee two weeks ago, that she lacks not only the experience but also the candor to be America’s chief consumer advocate at the CFPB,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.

He continued, “Kraninger’s answers to written questions from Senators amount to little more than a copy and paste smokescreen. When a nominee for such an important post does little more than repeat word-for-word their refusal to answer basic questions about their record, we should all be worried.”

“Now that Senate Banking Committee Republicans have postponed a vote on Kraninger’s nomination, she has been given a third chance to answer for her record of mismanagement in some of the Trump administration’s biggest policy blunders. It’s long past time for her to come clean,” he concluded.


  • Senate Banking Committee Democrats asked to postpone Kraninger’s confirmation hearing until they receive documents about Kraninger requested from the Trump Administration. “Banking Committee Democrats sent a letter to committee chair Sen. Mike Crapo (D-ID) asking him to postpone the [confirmation] hearing until the Trump administration sends over documentation on Kraninger they’ve requested in two separate letters to her.” [Emily Stewart, “Democrats gear up for a fight over the next head of the CFPB,” Vox, 07/19/18]
  • Consumer advocates filed a lawsuit because OMB and CFPB have failed to provide a response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests seeking records that could shed light on Kraninger’s role in various Trump administration policies.Allied Progress sued for the release of records concerning Kraninger’s work at OMB. The records requested included employment records, emails, calendars, and other documents. [Renae Merle, “Advocacy group sues for CFPB nominee’s work records,” The Washington Post, 07/25/18]

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