GOP-Led Senate to Working People: “You’re On Your Own”

Senate Republicans Welcome Eugene Scalia — Noted Hatchet Man Against Workers’ Rights — to the Labor Department

WASHINGTON, DC — In keeping with their agenda of enriching big corporations at the expense of working families, Senate Republicans unanimously approved the nomination of corporate lawyer Eugene Scalia for U.S. Labor Secretary. Not one GOP Senator was apparently bothered enough by Scalia’s history of anti-LGBT bigotry, his disturbing views against company accountability for workplace sexual assault, or his career spent defendingcorporations accused of trampling workers’ rights including those that harbored a culture of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. In response, Derek Martin, Director of consumer watchdog group Allied Progress, released the following statement:

“Donald Trump and his enablers in the Senate can stop with the charade that they care about working people. If they did, their ideal candidate for Labor Secretary wouldn’t be someone who made himself rich trashing workers’ rights so some corporation could save a buck or cut a corner on safety.

“It’s more proof that the McConnell-led Senate’s only interest is keeping wealthy special interests happy. They passed a $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut for billionaires and big corporations they knew would never trickle-down to everyday workers. They killed all efforts to raise the national minimum wage for the first time in a decade. And now they made the corporations’ go-to guy for silencing aggrieved workers the voice for all of America’s workers. Workers deserve someone dedicated to helping them reach the middle class. Instead they got someone who has to constantly worry about offending an old corporate client. The message the far-right Senate sent to workers today is clear: “You’re on your own.”




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