Kavanaugh Must Recuse Himself From CFPB Case

The Supreme Court Justice Has Made His Opinion Clear, He Cannot Hear This Case With An Open Mind

Washington D.C. – In response to today’s news that the Supreme Court of the United States will consider giving the President the power to fire the CFPB Director without cause, Allied Progress Director Derek Martin issued the following statement:

“Justice Kavanaugh has demonstrated bias against the CFPB on these exact issues and must recuse himself from this case. He has previously weighed in on the specific question at stake in this matter — whether the CFPB Director can be fired without cause. This case deserves to receive truly impartial judgement.”

He continued, “Courts and legal experts have repeatedly confirmed the CFPB’s structure is constitutional, and the results the Bureau produced prior to 2018 clearly demonstrate the value of its independence. Justice Kavanaugh cannot be the deciding vote to allow Donald Trump and his financial industry supporters to neuter the Bureau going forward.”




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