Kraninger Stands By Aide Paul Watkins Despite Past Work for Anti-LGBT Hate Group

See August 15 Politico story revealing that CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger wrote a letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren defending her aide Paul Watkins two days after reports that Watkins once worked for a SPLC-designated anti-LGBT hate group, which has raised serious concerns in Congress as Watkins may soon have the authority to exempt businesses from compliance with anti-discrimination laws under the bureau’s “no-action” letter initiative. Kraninger wrote Watkins is “eminently qualified for the position he holds” and that “The Bureau workforce represents many backgrounds, identities, and perspectives.” In response, Derek Martin, director of Allied Progress, the consumer watchdog group that unearthed Watkin’s past work for ADF in June, issued the following:

“Someone who used to work for an anti-LGBT hate group may bring a unique perspective to the CFPB, but that perspective shouldn’t be tolerated, or worse, considered. And it certainly shouldn’t be given the weight of legal authority. If Kraninger doesn’t see a problem with someone associated with hatred having a say over CFPB’s anti-discrimination efforts, then she is the problem.”




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