NYT Report Shows DeVos Aide Helped Keep Failing For-Profit Colleges Alive and Students Paid the Price When They Collapsed

Read the New York Times report from July 23, ‘Emails Show DeVos Aides Pulled Strings for Failing For-Profit Colleges.’

 Reaction from Allied Progress director Derek Martin: 

“This is the latest disastrous result of Donald Trump’s bald-faced lie that he was going to ‘drain the swamp’. That wasn’t true when he made Billionaire Betsy DeVos Education Secretary, and it certainly wasn’t true when Trump and DeVos put long-time for-profit college industry lobbyist Diane Auer Jones in charge of higher education regulations.”

Martin continued, “This wasn’t a question of what could go wrong, but when it would go wrong.  DeVos’ top lieutenant kept a fly-by-night company on life support just long enough to cheat thousands of students out of their tuition money with no degree to show for it. Diane Auer Jones was already all out of good will after kicking the can down the road on nearly 160,000 backlogged borrower defense claims. Jones needs to resign immediately before she allows any more students to fall victim to her friends in the shady for-profit industry.”




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