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  • Payday Lenders Prey Especially on Struggling Women

    Women make up approximately 60 percent of payday loan customers and payday loan use is even higher among single mothers.

  • Allied Progress Statement on Eric Blankenstein’s HUD Promotion

    Derek Martin, Director of Allied Progress reacted to the news that Eric Blankenstein, the Trump administration official with a history of racist and sexist writings, has been promoted at the HUD: “What a message this sends: racism isn’t just tolerated in the Trump administration, it can get you promoted.” ###

  • Trump CFPB Point Man On Gutting Debt Collection Rules To Keynote Another Swanky Debt Industry Conference

    Washington D.C. (November 7th, 2019) – Today, the Trump-Kraninger CFPB’s top aide overseeing the overhaul of debt collection rules, Tom Pahl, is set to deliver the keynote address at a conference hosted by ACA International, the leading debt collection industry trade group. It will be the second ACA speaking engagement in three months for Pahl, an attorney who used to represent…

  • DeVos’s Education Department: Trick Student Borrowers, Treat Servicer and For-Profit College Execs

    Here Are the Top 5 Ways DeVos’ Inaction Encourages Her Spooky Industry Friends to Bury Borrowers in Debt Elm St., Washington D.C. – Ever since Secretary Betsy DeVos’ private jet first touched down en route to the Education Department, it’s been a horror show for student borrowers. DeVos has taken an ax to borrower protections against…

  • Caught On Tape: Payday Lenders Openly Brag That Their Contributions Lead to Regulation Rollbacks

    Payday Execs Pressure Supporters to Donate More to Trump Campaign to Ensure a Final CFPB Rule That Perpetuates the Payday Debt Trap Washington D.C. — As reported by the Washington Post, a video obtained by consumer watchdog groups Allied Progress and Americans for Financial Reform shows payday industry executives bluntly discussing how campaign contributions to…

  • Reminder: CFPB Director Kraninger Still Hasn’t Fired Paul Watkins

    4 Months Later, Top Trump CFPB Official With Ties to Anti-LGBT Hate Group Still Holds Power to Okay Lending Discrimination Washington D.C. — Ahead of the House Financial Services Committee hearing today on discrimination in lending and housing against the LGBTQ community, consumer advocacy group Allied Progress renewed its calls on Trump CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger to fire…

  • DeVos’ Terrible, No Good, Awful Week of Headlines a Reflection Of Her Vacant Leadership

    Held in contempt of court for illegally shaking down defrauded students for debts they don’t owe. Sued for sitting on thousands of valid debt forgiveness claims. Facing subpoenas in a growing accreditation scandal and calls for the firing of her top aide at the center of it. It’s no wonder Secretary DeVos is on edge…

  • DeVos Must Fire Aid Who Lied to Congress About Accreditation Scandal

    Senior DeVos Aide Diane Auer Jones Feigned Ignorance About Unaccredited For-Profit College Campuses Illegally Receiving Federal Student Aid – The Record Shows She Lied To Congress Washington D.C. – The Trump-DeVos Education Department’s Dream Center accreditation scandal is somehow worse than originally thought. It was first reported in July that top DeVos aide Diane Auer…

  • Kavanaugh Must Recuse Himself From CFPB Case

    With his previous opinions, the Supreme Court justice can’t hear this case with an open mind.

  • Allied Progress Statement on CFPB Director Kraninger’s Say-Nothing Senate Testimony

    Washington D.C. – Following CFPB Director Kathy Kraninger’s testimony today before the Senate Banking Committee, Derek Martin, Director of Allied Progress released the following statement: “Once again, Director Kraninger’s reluctance to protect consumers was matched only by her reluctance to answer straight forward questions about her industry-enriching agenda. Kraninger gave us more of the same – non-answers and evasive…


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