Pressure Mounts on Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to Resign

Acosta Under Fire from All Sides as Epstein Sex Trafficking Details Emerge

WASHINGTON D.C. — Following the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein for alleged sex trafficking and sexual assault of minors, a chorus of voices from across the political spectrum are calling on Labor Secretary Alex Acosta to resign, given his role in giving Epstein a slap on the wrist for his sexual abuse of underage girls instead of seeking the appropriate legal recourse. Acosta was also previously found to have broken the law in cutting and subsequently concealing a non-prosecution plea agreement with Epstein over his sexual abuse of more than 30 underage women.

The growing calls for Acosta’s resignation include: 

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX): Via the Washington Post: In a tweet, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said Monday that he “fully” agreed with calls for Acosta’s resignation. “Epstein’s conduct was despicable, and everyone who participated should be vigorously prosecuted,” Cruz said. [Washington Post, 7/9/19]

Miami Herald Editorial Board: “Acosta made an ethically compromised decision 10 years ago. Today, he should resign.” [Miami Herald, 7/8/19]

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT): “When you continue to make yourself the issue and distract from the president’s agenda, you no longer need to be serving there, and this is not going to go away.” [The Hill, 7/8/19]

Former GOP Rep. David Jolly: “Mick Mulvaney should ask Alex Acosta to resign.” [Twitter, 7/9/19]

Fox News’s Steve Hilton: “Will we finally see some accountability from Alex Acosta? … In my view, it really is time for him to go.” [The Hill, 7/8/19]

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests: “As head of the Labor Department, Secretary Acosta plays a critical role in the monitoring of crimes like sex trafficking. We simply cannot believe that he can be effective in that role with a cloud ― and history ― like this over his head.” [Huffington Post, 7/9/19]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): “.@SecretaryAcosta must step down. As US Attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement w/ Jeffrey Epstein kept secret from courageous, young victims preventing them from seeking justice.” [Twitter, 7/8/19]

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY): ““It is now impossible for anyone to have confidence in Secretary Acosta’s ability to lead the Department of Labor. … We cannot have as one of the leading appointed officials in America someone who has done this, plain and simple.” [The Washington Post, 7/9/19]

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT): Via HuffPost’s Igor Bobic : “Tester, who was one of 8 Dems to vote for Acosta, says he should resign” [Twitter, 7/9/19]

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “Alexander Acosta must go.” [The Washington Post, 7/9/19]

Conservative Commentator Amanda Carpenter: “The drumbeat from Dems for Acosta to resign is getting loud. Has a single Republican in office explained why he should stay? He’s toast.” [Twitter, 7/9/19]






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