Puzder Withdrawal: Trump Better Learn From This Victory for Hard-Working Americans

Response from Group at Center of Rapid Response Efforts and Major Ad Campaign Targeting Senators over Puzder Nomination


WASHINGTON, D.C. – This afternoon following news that President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder, has withdrawn his name from consideration, Allied Progress released the following statement declaring victory and calling on the president and his team to learn the right lesson in their defeat:

This fight wasn’t just about Andy Puzder and his record of mistreating workers and shocking personal history–it was a repudiation of the anti-worker policies championed by the Trump administration,” said Karl Frisch, executive director for Allied Progress.

He continued, “The ball is now in the court of President Trump and Senate Republicans to put forward a nominee who will fight to expand rights and opportunities for all Americans rather than working overtime to undermine them and pad the bottom lines of Wall Street special interests. Working Americans have a simple message to President Trump: we’re watching you and we’ll hold you accountable.”

In December, Allied Progress launched Trump Transparency Project, an initiative aimed at holding the incoming administration accountable for its economic appointments and policies that will hurt America’s middle class. You can read the project’s vetting profile on Puzder here. Allied Progress has been among those leading the charge against Puzder:

  • Responded to Nomination with Scathing Statement (December 8): Allied Progress released statement lambasting President-elect Trump for abandoning commitment to “drain the swamp” with his nomination of Puzder. [More]
  • Launched OpposePuzder.org (December 8): Allied Progress launched online action calling on people to contact their senators and tell them to oppose Puzder’s confirmation. Thousands of Americans contacted their senators. [More]
  • Scolded Puzder for Dozens of Layoffs Announced after His Nomination (January 5): Allied Progress asked President Trump why he wasn’t able to save the jobs of dozens of people laid off by Puzder’s company less than a month after his nomination. (More)
  • Hounded Senate Republicans for Delaying Puzder’s Hearing Five Times without Explanation (January 26 and 31, February 6): Allied Progress sent out the same press release several times only updating tallies to note the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee had again delayed Puzder’s hearing. (More, More, More)
  • Pointed Out Puzder’s Long History of Employing Undocumented Workers at His Company (February 7): Following revelations that Puzder had employed an undocumented housekeeper, Allied Progress published research showing that Puzder had bragged about hiring undocumented workers at his company, even saying the government should condone such practices. (More) 
  • Released 20-Page Research Dossier on Puzder (February 8): Noting that Senate Republicans had continually delayed Puzder’s confirmation hearing and failed to vet him, Allied Progress published a 20-page research dossier on Puzder and his disastrous record in the fast food industry. [More]
  • On 2-Month Anniversary of Nomination, Noted Puzder Had Tough Questions to Answer (February 8): Two months to the day after Trump named Puzder as his Labor nominee, Allied Progress noted the growing list of tough questions that Puzder had to answer. [More]
  • Called on Oprah Winfrey to Release Tape of Puzder’s Former Wife Discussing Domestic Violence Allegations (February 14): Allied Progress called on the entertainment mogul to release footage of Puzder’s former wife on her show discussing allegations of domestic violence by Puzder. The tape had been screened for senators but not made public. (More)
  • Launched TV Ads Calling on Senators to Reject Puzder (February 15): Allied Progress launched a major television ad buy in Alaska, Maine, and D.C., calling on Senators Murkowski, Collins, and others to reject Puzder’s nomination. The ads highlighted Puzder’s record of paying millions to settle wage theft lawsuits and the epidemic of sexual harassment and assault faced by his female workers. [More]
  • On the Eve of His Confirmation Hearing, Called On Senate HELP Committee to Question Puzder about Russian Ties (February 15): Allied Progress sent an open letter to senators on the HELP Committee encouraging them to ask Puzder about his Russian ties, both from the campaign and his business, during his confirmation hearing. [More]

To speak with Karl Frisch about Puzder’s failed nomination, please contact Jon Reinish at 202-999-0461 or JReinish@SKDKnick.com.

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Allied Progress is a nationwide, progressive advocacy organization that uses hard-hitting research and creative campaigns to hold Wall Street and powerful special interests accountable. Since launching in 2015, the organization has led high-profile campaigns on several issues including reforming the payday lending industry and exposing the those working to cripple the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).



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