Rated “Mostly True” : DeVos the “most unpopular person in our government”

ICYMI: PolitiFact found the statement that Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is the “most unpopular person in our government” to be “Mostly True”.  A Department spokesperson responded that DeVos isn’t “working to win a popularity contest.”

Derek Martin, director  of consumer watchdog group Allied Progress, reacted: “The message is clear: no level of dissatisfaction from student borrowers will ever convince the Secretary to consider their needs before the bottom line of the for-profit college and loan servicer industries.”

If there were a contest for least competent Trump official in 2019, DeVos would have been an odds-on favorite.  2020 is already shaping up to be another rocky one:

  • Washington Post, Jan. 8th: “A federal judge is weighing higher fines for the Education Department after the federal agency disclosed that it pursued scores of additional [defrauded] borrowers for debt collection — violating a court order.”


  • Politico, Jan. 9th: “Congressional Democrats are moving ahead with an effort to thwart [DeVos’] new policy that makes it more difficult for federal student loan borrowers to cancel their debt based on a college’s misconduct. House leaders are planning to hold a vote next week on a measure that would overturn DeVos’ rewrite of the Obama-era “borrower defense” rule.


  • Salon.com: ‘Betsy DeVos’ family foundation funnels money to right-wing groups that boost her agenda’






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