Senate Banking GOP Write Love Letter To Big Banks, Allied Progress Reacts

See July 30 Bloomberg Government piece, ‘GOP Senators Ask Regulators to Speed Up Bank Deregulation’. As Republican Senators beg the Trump administration to slash even more safeguards from the banking industry, Allied Progress Director Derek Martin had this to say in response:

“In the wake of the big banks announcing $30 billion in profits last quarter, excuse us for not sharing the concern that banks are being hamstrung by regulators. After Donald Trump gave the banks a giant tax break, and the Senate GOP pushed through a bill easing safeguards on our financial system, maybe Senator Crapo and his caucus should spend more time focusing on the needs of main street instead of signing more love letters to Wall Street. Either way, it’s clear which industry sets these Senators’ hearts aflutter.”
Read the GOP love letter to big banks HERE.



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