Shot & Chaser: Mulvaney Wants to Slash Millions from CFPB Travel Budget… and Spend More Time “Going Into The Field?”


Mick Mulvaney on June 8: “But I was dead serious when I said we’re going to spend more time going out into the field and doing” town hall meetings. [“Topeka Town Hall(01:22:07)” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 06/08/18]



Wall Street Journal on June 12: Mulvaney asked CFPB staff to cut the Bureau’s budget by 20% and “tens of millions of dollars in the travel budget alone.” [Lalita Clozel, “CFPB Acting Chief Asks Staff to Cut Budget by 20%,” The Wall Street Journal, 06/12/18]



By April 2017, the CFPB had held public town halls or field hearings in 39 cities. To day, Mulvaney has held only one. Then, as now, he wanted to eliminate the Bureau. [“Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: By the Numbers,” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, accessed 06/13/18]


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