Sinclair’s Weekly Worst: Blame Baby Boomers

Every week Allied Progress will share a selection of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Must Run” segments. These are biased segments that Sinclair headquarters famously mandate that all of their 191 stations run. If Sinclair’s merger with Tribune is approved, a total of 233 stations – reaching 72 percent of American households – will be forced to air these segments every week.

Journalists at Sinclair object to their airing. Experts call them propaganda. Allied Progress watches them…so you don’t need to. 


This week’s Sinclair Low-Lights…

FEATURED LOW-LIGHT: On November 21, Mark Hyman decided it was time for accountability following a string of high-profile sexual harassment and assault allegations. Who does he blame? Baby boomers. He characterizes boomer mentality as “Sex, drugs, behavior, appearance. Whatever. People should be free to pursue their hedonistic desires without criticism or accountability. No rules. No boundaries.” After decrying the state of “Western culture” being coopted by reality TV, Hyman explains, “I’m not advocating a return to an age of hanging a scarlet letter around someone’s neck. But perhaps we should restore the attitude there are distinct lines between good and bad behavior.”

Here’s a pro tip: if Hyman truly wants to combat hedonistic tendencies among baby boomers, he should start by sparing us his bloviating and cancel his segment.

RUNNER-UP: On November 20, Boris Epshteyn shamelessly shilled for the Republican tax plan and called the Supreme Court-upheld Affordable Care Act individual mandate “unconstitutional.” He cheered efforts to combine the mandate repeal with tax cuts for the wealthy, saying the bill was in the “best interest of our country.” With that sort of strategic insight, it’s no wonder Boris’ tenure in the White House was so short.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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