Sinclair’s Weekly Worst: Next Level Propaganda

Every week Allied Progress will share a selection of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Must Run” segments. These are biased segments that Sinclair headquarters famously mandate that all of their 191 stations run. If Sinclair’s merger with Tribune is approved, a total of 233 stations – reaching 72 percent of American households – will be forced to air these segments every week.

Journalists at Sinclair object to their airing. Experts call them propaganda. Allied Progress watches them…so you don’t need to. 


This week’s Sinclair Low-Lights…

FEATURED LOW-LIGHT: On November 30, Boris Epshteyn took his propaganda segments to the next level, declaring “we are now seeing concrete, positive results for American businesses and the economy as a result of President Trump’s recent trip to Asia and the administration’s efforts overall.” I guess this is what Slate reporter Katy Waldman meant when she said “as far as propaganda goes, this is pure, industrial-strength stuff.”  Here’s the bottom line: Boris’s title should be renamed “Sinclair’s Chief Political Propagandist.”

RUNNER-UP: Nothing new to see here. Just yesterday, Mark Hyman took the time to criticize President Obama’s response to ISIS. On Tuesday, he decided to revisit President Clinton’s past sex scandals.

With all the news surrounding tax reform, sexual harassment in Congress, and countless White House ethics scandals, Hyman seems stuck in the past.

BONUS: Earlier this month, Epshteyn used his segment to blast lawmakers for using taxpayer dollars on sexual harassment settlements. He said “transparency has to be required of our public servants,” and that lawmakers who used money for settlements should return it to the American people. So, will Epshteyn dedicate his next segment to calling out Republican Rep. Blake Farenthold’s sexual harassment settlement of $84,000? Will Boris demand Farenthold repay the taxpayers for his misdeeds? We won’t hold our breath.

Happy Friday!



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