Sinclair’s Weekly Worst: Republicans Weren’t Supposed to Win Alabama, Right?

Every week Allied Progress will share a selection of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Must Run” segments. These are biased segments that Sinclair headquarters famously mandate that all of their 191 stations run. If Sinclair’s merger with Tribune is approved, a total of 233 stations – reaching 72 percent of American households – will be forced to air these segments every week.

Journalists at Sinclair object to their airing. Experts call them propaganda. Allied Progress watches them…so you don’t need to. 


This week’s Sinclair Low-Lights…

FEATURED LOW-LIGHT: On December 13, Boris Epshteyn tried to convince himself that everything was fine when Democrat Doug Jones pulled an upset victory against Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Race. Boris reminded himself that Moore was a “deeply flawed candidate” and hoped Jones would vote Republican, despite the fact that he ran as an unabashed progressive during the race. Oh, and Boris forgot to mention that despite the allegations of child molestation against Moore, President Trump emphatically endorsed him and the RNC put over one hundred thousand dollars into the race. “Deeply flawed” indeed.

RUNNER-UP: On December 14, Mark Hyman decried “media collusion,” which he called “worse than media bias.” However, he’s not talking about the ostensible collusion between Sinclair and right-wing organizations to air false attacks on the Southern Poverty Law Center. You can see Hyman’s smears against the leading civil rights group here and here.

BONUS: On December 11, Boris applauded Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city because it fulfilled a campaign promise. But is a campaign promise worth “upending decades of foreign policy,” ignoring countless foreign policy experts and violence in the region? According to Boris, violence is going to happen anyway, so do what you what.

Happy Friday!



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