Statement on Trump’s Joint Session Address: He’s Out of Touch, Out of His Depth, and Out for Himself

Trump Reaffirms Allegiance to Wall Street, Special Interests, and Alternative Facts


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tonight President Donald Trump delivered a disturbing address to a joint session of Congress, reaffirming broken promises and demonstrating his allegiance to Wall Street insiders, powerful special interests, and alternative facts. Allied Progress released the following statement regarding tonight’s remarks:

Regardless of candidate Trump’s promises to fight Wall Street and powerful special interests and to help hard-working American families fed up with Washington, President Trump has revealed himself to be little more than a yes man for Beltway lobbyists, the Republican establishment, and the very Wall Street insiders he so often derided. Tonight’s speech reinforced the emerging truth that he is out of touch, out of his depth, and out for himself. There aren’t enough ‘alternative facts’ on the internet to cover up the mess that Trump’s first month in office has been,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.

He continued, “Trump’s words – complete with broken promises and divisive rhetoric – marked the end of a disastrous first month in office that he spent filling his Cabinet and administration with Goldman Sachs executives, Washington insiders, and millionaires and billionaires with shady ties to Russia instead of capable, prepared candidates that Americans could count on. Instead, he began his tenure by making it more difficult for working families to afford a mortgage, rolling back a rule protecting people saving for their retirement, and jeopardizing a bump in overtime pay that millions of working people have earned. Donald Trump is failing as president and the consequences could be huge.”

In December, Allied Progress launched Trump Transparency Project, an initiative aimed at holding the Trump administration accountable for its economic appointments and policies that betray hard-working Americans. Since then the organization has released volumes of research on cabinet nominees and played a leading role in opposing the confirmations of high profile Trump selections including Andy Puzder who recently withdrew his name from consideration for Labor Secretary.

To speak with Karl Frisch about Donald Trump’s address to Congress, please contact Rachel Palermo at 202-464-6951 or

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