Trump Must Keep His Promise: Reject Big Banks, Wall Street, and Powerful Special Interests

Allied Progress Will Make President-Elect Trump Keep His Promise to Protect Americans from Big Banks, Wall Street, and Powerful Special Interests

trump1-325x250WASHINGTON, D.C. – Throughout his campaign, President-elect Donald J. Trump promised that he would protect hard working Americans from the big banks, Wall Street, and powerful special interests that politicians have catered to for decades. Today, Allied Progress announced its intention to make certain President-elect Trump keeps his word in a statement from executive director Karl Frisch:

“Among other things, President-elect Trump’s campaign was built on the notion that big banks, financial institutions, powerful special interests, and the corrupt politicians that do their bidding have taken advantage of America’s working class. On this we can agree. Unfortunately, as is all too often the case, those who gain power can become captive to the very special interests that they once derided.”

“Who will President-elect Trump appoint to his cabinet? Who will he hire to carry out his agenda? What will he do to government agencies responsible for holding these big banks and financial institutions accountable? We will be watching to make sure President-elect Trump doesn’t squander this opportunity to help millions of Americans who are struggling to get by. We will hold him accountable if he abandons his call for real change and instead favors the powerful special interests he lambasted on the campaign trail.”

In the weeks and months ahead, Allied Progress will hold the President-elect’s transition and eventual administration accountable for its cabinet and staffing decisions as well as the policies it pursues.

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