Trump on Student Debt Crisis: “We don’t have a plan”

See December 5 Washington Post story revealing President Trump admitted his administration does not ‘have a plan’ to deal with the $1.5 trillion student debt crisis. Reaction from Derek Martin, director of consumer watchdog group Allied Progress:

“The President appointed an out-of-touch billionaire with no education policy experience to run his Education Department. How can he be shocked to learn she’s completely blown off a crisis of this magnitude for the past three years? That says it all about what a bottom-barrel priority this issue has been to the President. Since day one, his administration has gone out of its way to give big corporations tax breaks and whatever else they ask for. But it took this long for the President to even realize millions of student borrowers are drowning in debt and need help. If the previous three years are any judge, whatever ‘plan’ they eventually slap together will almost certainly come up short.”



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