VICTORY: Sinclair Merger Dead

Tribune Media Will Sue Right-Wing Media Giant for Breach of Contract

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, following news that Tribune Media is pulling out of a proposed merger with Sinclair Broadcast Group and will instead sue the right-wing media giant for breach of contract, Allied Progress, a consumer advocacy organization that led the charge against the merger, released the following statement:

The collapse of this merger is as major a victory for American consumers as it is a defeat for the propaganda pushers at Sinclair. Dozens of communities will now be spared from nightly force-feedings of content advancing the fringe political agenda of the media behemoth’s owners,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.

He continued, “If Sinclair’s proposed merger with Tribune had been successful, that agenda would have reached into the living rooms of 72% of U.S. households. That would have been extremely dangerous to our increasingly fragile democracy.”

The leadership at Sinclair has expressed a desire to see a future where local television news stations are controlled by one or two companies. That is less likely to happen with today’s announcement but we must remain vigilant — Sinclair isn’t likely to learn the right lessons from the collapse of this merger. They will be back,” he concluded.

Learn more about the work of Allied Progress to oppose the Sinclair/Tribune merger by clicking here.



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