Weekly Low Lights: The Worst of Sinclair’s ‘Must Runs’

Every week Allied Progress will share a selection of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Must Runs” segments. These are biased segments that Sinclair’s headquarters famously mandates that all of their 191 stations run. If Sinclair’s merger with Tribune is approved, a total of 233 stations – reaching 72 percent of American households – will be forced to air these segments every week.

Journalists at Sinclair object to their airing. Experts call them propaganda. Allied Progress watches them…so you don’t need to. 

This week’s Sinclair Low-Lights…

Featured Low-Light: To most Americans, the public feuding between the President and his national security team is cause for concern. But for Sinclair’s Boris Epshteyn, it’s a sign of the President’s negotiating skills. Epshteyn claimed on a Must Run last night:

“When the president directly contradicted his Secretary of State critics, predictably, rang every alarm they could find and alleged the administration was in disarray on the North Korea issue. That assessment is wrong. This negotiation 101. It’s called good cop – bad cop… This is a multi-tiered approach…”

If Trump undercutting Tillerson is ‘negotiation 101,’ then I guess we should all be impressed by Tillerson’s prowess when he in-turn called the President a moron and threatened to resign.

On October 3rd, Boris Epshteyn targeted Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che and others for their critiques of President Trump’s response to the situation in Puerto Rico. Epshteyn called a statement about “white nationalist policies” made by a black commentator “race-baiting at its worst.” By Boris’s logic, Trump cannot possibly be racist because of the “huge minority population” helped by recovery efforts in Texas and Florida.

Meanwhile, Mark Hyman was busy giving cover to disgraced former HHS Secretary Tom Price following his scandalous resignation last week. He blamed his go-to culprit, the liberal media, saying “Different party. Different president. Same liberal media.”

Happy Friday!

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