Shady Astroturf Group Creates Anti-CFPB Attack Ad About Pretend Donors to Pretend Campaign


Shady Industry-Aligned Astroturf Group “Protect America’s Consumers” Has Launched Attack Ads About Hypothetical Donors to a Hypothetical Gubernatorial Campaign by CFPB Director Cordray…

“Richard Cordray is the extremely powerful boss of a government agency — the CFPB. Rumor has it that he also wants to be Ohio’s next governor but running for office is very expensive so Richard is using his immense power at the CFPB to make a new regulation that will massively benefit Richard’s biggest potential donors. Richard can do this because the CFPB doesn’t answer to anyone – not even Congress. The CFPB must be reformed. Your Senator can fix this.” [Protect America’s Consumers New Ad: “Cordray for Governor?”, 5/2/16]

…Just Like The Previous Organization Employing Protect America’s Consumers CEO Steve Gates Had Hypothetical (Fake) Constituents Write (Forge) Letters to Members of Congress

Protect America’s Consumers’ Spokesperson Is Steve Gates, Who Worked with The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity When “It Was Caught Feigning a Grass-Roots Campaign, Including Sending Forged Letter to Congressional Offices.” “The only person who has been identified with the group, spokesman Steve Gates, worked for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity while it was caught feigning a grass-roots campaign, including sending forged letters to congressional offices. Gates didn’t respond to requests for comment.” [Politico, 1/7/16]

  • The Forged Letters Were Supposedly Written On Behalf of Military Veterans and Local Chapters of Civil Rights Groups and Sent to Democratic Members of Congress in Opposition to The Waxman-Markey Energy Bill. “ACCCE is best known for its ties to Bonner & Associates, the lobbying firm that got caught sending forged letters to Democratic members of Congress this summer. The letters, putatively written on behalf of military veterans and local chapters of civil rights groups, opposed the Waxman-Markey energy bill. In late October, congressional investigators found that ACCCE knew that Bonner was sending out phony letters on its behalf, but waited to tip off lawmakers until after they’d voted on the bill.” [Mother Jones, 12/4/09]



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