Small Businessman Claims to be Satisfied Payday Customer, Fails to Note 80% of His Revenue Comes from Payday Lender

Robert Sherrill, Owner of Imperial Cleaning, Wrote Op-Ed in The Hill Railing Against CFPB’s Proposed Payday Lending Regulations Claiming to Be “a Satisfied Customer of the Payday Lending Industry”

Robert Sherrill Wrote an Op-Ed in The Hill Newspaper About His Testimony Before Congress as “A Satisfied Customer of the Payday Lending Industry.” “In February, I was given the unlikely opportunity to testify before Congress on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) proposed small-dollar lending rule. My testimony was unlikely because I grew up in public housing, spent time in federal prison for selling drugs – and I’m a satisfied customer of the payday lending industry. Now with the CFBP officially releasing its proposed rule on June 2, a rule that will threaten access to small-dollar loans for millions of Americans just like me, I felt compelled to tell my story and make sure others know the true value these loans have for people in need of short term credit. Mine is a true success story and I owe a great deal of it to the payday lending industry. Without the payday and title loans I was able to get, nothing that I have been able to achieve would have happened.” [The Hill: “Sherrill Op-Ed: What Payday Loans Mean to Me,” 7/7/16]

Sherrill Failed to Mention That 80% of His Business Revenue Is from a Payday Lender

Robert Sherrill, Owner of Imperial Cleaning Services, Is A Contractor of Payday Lending Firm Advance Financial — His Company Cleans 57 Of Their Stores and They Account for 80% Of His Business. “Advance Financial will also be forced to stop doing business with many black contractors, one of which is Robert Sherrill, owner of Imperial Cleaning Services. Imperial currently cleans 57 stores for Advance Financial “I have six employees and 80 percent of my business is advance,” said Sherrill. “I can’t clean the stores during the day time, so I come during those wee hours of the morning. Holleman is trying to cripple me “When asked what he thinks of the bill Sherrill said, “He might as well come out and say that this is a direct attack against Advance, because they are the only one open 24 hours. It’s not about payday advance places; it is about this particular company. You need to direct it to who is going to be effected, and that is Advance Financial.” [Nashville Pride, “Metro Councilman Jason Holleman Attacks Black Community with Bill” 1/30/15]



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