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  • The Times and Democrat: Payday Lending Stories Not Real

    Eric Peters came out swinging (T&D, Oct. 1) against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s effort to crack down on predatory payday lenders. To bolster his untenable position, he cited the purportedly personal stories of happy payday loan customers submitted to the CFPB and spotlighted by a payday industry-backed special interest group in Washington. Unfortunately, Peters failed to inform readers that hundreds, if not thousands, of the supposedly unique and personal payday loan-supportive stories he pointed to used many of the exact same sentences and paragraphs.

  • Washington Post: What Regulating Payday Loans Is All About

    Suggesting that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should bend over backwards to make sure people can get loans that will leave them unable to pay rent or put food on the table fundamentally misunderstands the purpose of regulating payday loans in the first place: to prevent financial devastation.

  • Letter to the Editor: Response to Houston Chronicle’s Support of Crude Oil Export Ban Repeal

    Allied Progress executive director Karl Frisch sent the following letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle following the newspaper’s editorial endorsing repeal of the crude oil export ban.


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