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  • GAO Blasts DeVos’ ED for Not Implementing Fix for Student Loan Repayment Program Benefitting Teachers and Other Public Servants

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following today’s release of a Government Accountability Office report that sharply criticized Sec. Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education for not implementing a 2018 congressional “fix” designed to make it easier for teachers, firefighters, and other public servants to access a special student loan forgiveness program, consumer advocacy group Allied Progress released the following statement: “Teachers, firefighters,…

  • DeVos Sued by Virginia College Students Over Reckless Reinstatement of Shady For-Profit College Accreditor

    See the Washington Post story HERE; reaction from Allied Progress director Derek Martin:  “Only a billionaire activist like Betsy DeVos would think it’s a good idea to put a lobbyist in charge of regulating an industry they previously worked for. DeVos’ has already gone to bat for loan servicers, is it any surprise she’d do the accreditors’…

  • ICYMI: Politico: GOP ‘step up their [banking] deregulation effort’

    Washington D.C. — In response to the Politico’s reporting that Congressional Republicans are “hounding President Donald Trump’s appointees to step up their [banking] deregulation efforts ,” Allied Progress spokesman Jeremy Funk issued the following statement: “More and more Congressional Republicans are openly crying mercy for the big banks. They say it’s time regulators forgive and…

  • Allied Progress statement on departure of top CFPB aide Eric Blankenstein who was behind numerous racist and sexist blog posts

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 15th, 2019) — Reaction from Allied Progress spokesman Jeremy Funk: “What took so long? For over five months, Director Kraninger tolerated the racist views of a top aide that had no business overseeing lending discrimination matters on behalf of America’s consumers. She should have fired Mr. Blankenstein on her first day, but instead…

  • ICYMI: Prominent Republican Defends Arbitration Rule

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – In an American Banker column, Dean Clancy a long-time conservative advocate and thinker with experience in George W Bush’s White House and at the Koch brothers’ FreedomWorks came to the defense of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s rule against forced arbitration. Congressional Republicans have proposed legislation to repeal the rule, which means that…


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