Allied Progress’ Year-in-Review: The Trump Administration Embraces the Shadiest Industries

Washington D.C. — For predatory lenders, pushy debt collectors, fly-by-night for-profit colleges, and greedy Wall Street banks, 2019 has been a banner year under the Trump administration. Trump’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Education Department, Treasury Department and others unleashed a flurry of proposed rules gutting protections against some of the worst practices from industries with long track records of mistreating consumers and student borrowers. Rather than address issues holding Americans back from the middle class like the $1.6 trillion student loan debt crisis, the administration committed itself to helping major GOP donor industries like payday lenders take advantage of vulnerable communities. Consumer watchdog group Allied Progress looks back on some of the year’s lowlights, including the continued toleration — and even celebration — of bigoted views from top administration officials. Among the corruption and extremism Allied Progress helped expose:

“After giving corporations that ship U.S. jobs overseas a giant tax break, this year the Trump administration focused on enriching industries that more openly exploit people,” said Derek Martin, Director of Allied Progress. “The President excels at distraction, so it’s important not to lose sight of the stack of executive branch rules being written for industry that would leave millions of consumers and student borrowers worse off. This was the year some of the most complained-about industries saw a return on their massive investment in lobbying and the campaigns for Trump and his backers in Congress.”

Allied Progress Presents Its 2019 Lowlights:

Trump CFPB Proposes Ending Key Consumer Protection Against Payday Debt Trap at the Request of Trump’s Payday Industry Donors: 

Trump CFPB Proposes Letting Debt Collectors Send Unlimited, Unsolicited Texts and Emails to Borrowers: 

Trump Administration Advances Rent-a-Bank Scheme:

Trump Lets Big Banks Go Back to Same Risky Behavior That Caused the Financial Crisis:

Labor Department Taken Over by Conflicted Corporate Attorney: 

DeVos Lets For-Profit Colleges and Loan Servicer Industries Flout the Rules: 

Kraninger Carries On Mulvaney’s Mission to Weaken the CFPB From Within:  

Exposing Extremism and Bigotry in the Trump Administration:

Mulvaney Being Mulvaney:




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