Sinclair’s Weekly Worst: “2018 is going to be a good midterm season”

Every week Allied Progress will share a selection of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s “Must Run” segments. These are biased segments that Sinclair headquarters famously mandate that all of their 191 stations run. If Sinclair’s merger with Tribune is approved, a total of 233 stations – reaching 72 percent of American households – will be forced to air these segments every week.

Journalists at Sinclair object to their airing. Experts call them propaganda. Allied Progress watches them…so you don’t need to. 

This week’s Sinclair Low-Lights…

FEATURED LOW-LIGHT: Boris Epshteyn had a busy week of propaganda filled commentary, and we couldn’t pick just one!

On November 8, Boris spent his segment peddling GOP talking points on the Democratic victories in New Jersey and Virginia, saying the results “were not referendums on Donald Trump,” and that “Democrats won two seats they were supposed to win.”

RUNNER-UP: On November 7, Mark Hyman once again dedicated his segment to defending right-wing extremists. This time it was extremists identified by the Department of Homeland Security’s Extremist Crime Database, whose brazen financial crimes Hyman defends as nothing more than “tax cheats.” Hyman also criticizes the FBI for supposedly failing to identify the threat of “Islamic extremists” in an internal 2013 report, just because the FBI categorizes it at “International Terrorism.” He closes by falsely characterizing a 2009 Department of Homeland Security report as targeting “supporters of the Second Amendment and military veterans.”

Watch the full interview here:

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